ACB Liga Endesa: The intractable Real Madrid unleashes the perfect storm in Badalona

Real Madrid caused a rain of triples in Badalona which seemed like a perfect storm to Joventut. Between the second quarter and the first five minutes of the third, according to 10/14. There is no shelter to protect oneself from such a thing, so The whites had the game resolved by the 25th minute (42-67).

Technical sheet

  • 73. Joventut Badalona (18+17+20+18): Feliz (10), Andrews (11), Busquets (3), Ruzic (5), Tomic (10) -starting five-; Kraag (8), Rodríguez (3), Cook (8), Chery (4), Ribas (8) and Brodziansky (3).
  • 101. Real Madrid (26+27+26+22): Campazzo (8), Musa (15), Abalde (7), Hezonja (14), Tavares (6) -starting five-; González (4), Alocn (11), Llull (3), Ndiaye (9), Causeur (5), Fernndez (9) and Poirier (10).
  • referees: Luis Miguel Castillo, Sergio Manuel and Ral Zamorano. The visitor Hezonja was disqualified for two technical fouls (min. 20).
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 15 of the Endesa Basketball League played at the Palau Municipal d’Esports in Badalona in front of 11,104 spectators.

As if they didn’t come from a tough Euroleague doubleheadernor did they have the casualties of Deck y Yabuselenor would they have given rest to Sergio Rodríguez nor suffer the expulsion of Hezonja for a warm rest, they won 73-101 passing over Penya, because the record in triples was only the tip of the iceberg of his dominance. The green and black, who arrived on a roll, came out shorn and their presence in the Cup is complicated.

It was a overwhelming superiority of Madrid, leader with a balance of 15-1. Mand in everything: dominated the rebound (32-39)he also scored comfortably in the zone, I defended with enormous intensity even winning by 30counterattacks were allowed, circulated the ball very well (26 assists)…And, of course, there were many names at a high level. One of them, Alocn, in his best minutes since his return. He looked a lot like himself, playing with confidence and daring.

Madrid left devastating partials. For a start, a 3-12 in which all five starters scored. Even in the first quarter, a 2-12 that opened the scoring to 12-26. Hezonja and Musa already led the attack with 15 points between them and Tavares and Poirier They complicated life for Penya. Just a triple Limit and three free throws Andrews they gave life to the premises (18-26).

The thunderstorm arrives

Then, with Alocn at the controls, the storm arrived. First intense rain, with two triples from the point guard and Llull plus the contribution from Poirier (partial of 3-13 and 22-41). Then, an 8-0 that made one think that Joventut could react. Then the flood: four triples in a row, two from Rudywho made an ‘airball’ with his first pitch and then took revenge for the laughter of the Olympian, and two others from Hezonjaso decisive (14 points with four triples and six rebounds in 16 minutes) like volcanic At 35-53, he was sent off at halftime. He protested a possible foul and took a technical. He listened to the television and, when he seemed calm, on his way to the locker room, they showed him the second.

It was reckless, because The ‘4’ position is the most punished in Madrid. Lucky for him that the difference was so wide. Andrews made all three technical free throws and Cook closed a 5-0 start. It was the last news there was of Joventut. Madrid, with another four triples in five triples, finished blowing up the match. Musa, again in a great version, took the subtraction to 29 (46-75).

A white festival in which the defense had a lot to do with it, very active despite the differences. I personified her I’m goingwith many minutes in the second half. Abalde was forced to play as ‘4’Alocón showed great signs of recovery and Hugo González He jumped onto the track to measure himself against Jordi Rodriguezanother great project for the future. Madrid won by up to 36 (62-98). And he missed 11 of his last 12 triples. The perfect storm had wreaked havoc. Fifth game of the season in which the Madridistas surpass 100 points.


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