The effective trick to clean mops that has gone viral

We always focus on the cleanliness of the house, but not so often on the utensils we have to clean, which must also be washed with some regularity. This is the case with mops, which always end up very dirty and, in the end, we end up throwing them away due to the impossibility of cleaning them well. But this is over now, there is a trick to clean mops that has gone viral. In this way, the mops They will look like you just bought them and will last much longer.

Cleaning utensils are essential tools for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at home, office and anywhere else. There is a wide variety of cleaning tools available in the market that They are used for different cleaning tasks.

One of the most basic and common tools is the cleaning cloth. Microfiber cloths are a good option as they are soft and absorbent, and do not leave a trace of lint on surfaces. Other types of cloths They include glass and mirror cleaning cloths, which are thinner and do not leave marks.

Brooms and sticks are classic tools for cleaning floors. Soft bristle brooms are ideal for hardwood floors, while hard bristle brooms are better suited for tile floors. Cleaning sticks with interchangeable brushes They are a good option for reaching high and hard-to-reach places.

Brushes are useful for cleaning rough surfaces, such as tiles and toilets. There are brushes of different sizes and shapes for different cleaning tasks. Large toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning toilets, while Smaller brushes are suitable for joints and corners.

Spray cleaning products are easy to use and very effective at removing stains and eliminating odors. There are different spray cleaning products Available for different types of surfaces, such as fabric furniture and floors.

Sponges and scouring pads

Sponges and scouring pads are effective tools for stain removal and cleaning hard surfaces. Sponges can be foam or melamine, and come in different sizes and shapes for different cleaning tasks. The scourers They are useful for cleaning textured surfaces, like pots and pans. And of course there are the mops.

Well, to clean the mops thoroughly we have to use stain removers with active oxygen and cleaning vinegar. we will catch the same mop bucket to clean it. First we fill the bucket with hot water to which we will add a small scoop of stain remover with active oxygen and a good splash of cleaning vinegar.

Then we will put the mop in and give it a good shake inside the bucket, now you will see how the stains begin to disappear. Then we will wring out the mop, and that’s it, mop like new. You will be able to see how the water in the bucket has turned dark because the dirt from the mop has remained in it.


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