A long time Earlier than Disney Owned Big name Wars, The Muppets Made Their Worlds Collide

Every episode of “The Muppet Show” featured an excessively particular visitor, pulling from an noteceable pond of Seventies skill. At the February 25 1980 episode, on the other hand, the very particular visitor used to be merely “The Stars of Star Wars.” Hamill used to be the one actor whose face used to be perceptible. Firstly of the episode, Hamill, in personality as Luke Skywalker, pronounces that he and his pal have mysteriously arrived on a musical selection display planet. Yuk, yuk. 

Then on, a “Star Wars” musical quantity used to be carried out out of plot necessity (because it have been). Luke Skywalker, his “Star Wars” co-stars, and the Pigs in Area have been misplaced on an alien global known as Koozebane, cornered by way of the Darth Vader-like Insufficiency Nadir (Gonzo) and his gargling right-hand guy Angus McGonagle (Nelson). Kermit enters in lieu impulsively and pronounces the one depart is to sing and dance. The ensemble breaks into “You Are My Lucky Star.” Chewbacca and R2-D2 dance and C-3PO faucets. Luke Skywalker is invited to accomplish, however he excuses himself and cedes the level to his cousin … Mark Hamill. Hamill sings “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Disney didn’t personal the Muppets or “Star Wars” in 1980, so the truth that Hamill sang a music from the 1940 Disney constituent movie “Pinocchio” used to be a accident. Certainly, the quantity appeared to be a sendup of Disney treacle, because the Muppet joined Hamill in making a song and the Sound asleep Good looks fortress from Disneyland gave the impression within the background at the back of them. How foolish, the shaggy dog story used to be, to juxtapose “Star Wars” and Disney. The ones issues are very other.


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