FIFA threatening to expel Brazil from international competitions due to presidential chaos

A World Cup without Brazil? It seems unimaginable, and in all likelihood, will remain in  that realm, but the Selecao are at risk of missing out on international competitions, after a letter sent by FIFA demanded clarification of their electoral process.

After a judge ruled against ex-President of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) Ednaldo Rodrigues, he was removed for voting irregularities during his initial election, and Jose Perdiz was appointed as an interim option in his place to organise fresh elections.

A report from AP carried by MD details that FIFA have not accepted that designation, and have demanded explanations, threatening the expulsion of Brazil and their club teams from international competitions. The governing body does not accept state interference in the leadership of football associations, and it appears they consider the removal of Rodrigues as exactly that. The CBF continue to go ahead to organise elections, but a commission is expected to address the issue on the 8th of January.

It seems unlikely that FIFA would go that far, not least because it would cost them significantly to host a world cup without the hundreds of millions of eyes from Brazil. It’s already causing chaos though, and the exit of Rodrigues has reduced the chance of Carlo Ancelotti signing for Brazil next summer, having been declared the CBF favourite for the job.

Image via Alex Caparros/Getty Images


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