Villar: “Rubiales was not lucky in the World Cup, but I would like him to overcome the situation and be happy”

Ángel María Villar, the one who was president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation for about 30 yearshas attended UD Radio, the official radio station of Las Palmas, and has responded to several questions related to the position he held for so many years.

Regarding the current situation that the RFEF is experiencing, he stated that, Despite having had, and having, certain problems, he has managed to get out of them. “Little by little he has been able to overcome the problems. Now he is in a very important situation, which is to elect a president for the next four years, and I hope they choose the one who has the most qualities or the best,” he said at the beginning of the interview.

The former president recognized that he had different previous times, during and after “Mr. Rubiales”, in which he feels a bit anonymous. He also offered his point of view on the performance of the last president of the Federation in the Women’s World Cup.

“I was very happy to win the women’s world championship. They were winners not only because of the final, but because in the entire championship they were the best, They demonstrated a great development of women’s football in Spain. Mr. Rubiales’s actions at that time were not fortunate,I think there was an exaggeration also in the external manifestation of those two events (her celebration and Jenni Hermoso’s controversy). He was not lucky and I would like, in his suffering, to be able to help him because I was also in a difficult situation, I have overcome it and I am happy, “I would like him to get over it and be happy,” I recognized.

Villar is very clear about the qualities that a person must have to assume the position of president. “You must be very clear that you have to make personal sacrifice, be away from your family… You must also know that they are going to file two or three criminal charges against you no matter what you do, even if you do nothing, and you have to accept the criticism. “You have to have qualities of understanding, listening, traveling… Above all, understanding with problems and paying close attention to the people who love you,” he added.

He also remembered Pedro Rocha and his way of facing the position at a very delicate moment. “I have to congratulate Mr. Rocha because When no one wanted to be president, he has assumed the position and it is very important and to be appreciated. “You have to do your own reflection, to know if you are prepared for everything I have mentioned,” he said.

The last issue that was discussed about the RFEF was the aforementioned action of Carlos Herrera, who aspires to be the next president. “He has a quality very well earned by his profession, but I would also tell him to make the reflections that I have said before. Even if you know management things, you have to know things about this family that is football.”sentence.


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