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5 Prominent Indian American Politicians are Running for US Congress in Mid-Term Polls

by HimelHimu

Prominent – In the midterm elections, five prominent Indian American politicians are running for Congress on November 8.

Indian Americans are more likely to have a 100% strike rate in the House of Representatives, according to pollsters and political commentators.

Ami Bella, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Lo Khanna, and Pramila Jayapal are the four incumbents who are likely to win reelection. The Liberal Democratic Party has four members.

Shri Thanadar, a businessman and candidate for the 13th congressional district in Michigan, will join the so-called Samosa caucuses of Indian Americans in the House of Representatives.

Bella, 57, is the oldest candidate for California’s 7th congressional district’s sixth term in the House of Representatives.

Khanna, 46, who represents the 17th congressional district in California, Krishna murti, 49, who represents the 8th congressional district in Illinois, and Jayapal, 57, who represents the 7th congressional district in Washington, are currently serving their fourth consecutive term.

Political experts say that all four are well-positioned to defeat the Republican opposition. The 67-year-old Thanadar is also looking for Detroit’s predominantly black neighborhood’s first House inductee.

He would join Bella, Khanna, Krishna murti, and Jayapal as the fifth Indian American members of the upcoming Congress if he were to be elected.

This election cycle, another Indian American candidate in Maryland appears poised to make history. Maryland Rep. Alna Mill operator, 57, was chosen by the Progressive faction as the state’s lieutenant lead representative.

According to political commentators, she is prepared to win. She would be Maryland’s first Indian American elected official.

In the interim, leftists and conservatives are increasing their determination to connect with Indian Americans in front of the Nov. 8 midterm races.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that Indian Americans may have a significant impact on some of the most intense competition.

According to the newspaper, “Democrats want to capitalize on some of the optimism felt by Indian Americans, an increasingly important and growing voting bloc” in advance of potentially limited midterm elections.

Popular television host Padma Lakshmi, CEO of Phenomenal Media Meena Harris, and Jayapal knocked on Philadelphia’s door in Pennsylvania to encourage South Asian voters to cast ballots.

There will be music, food, and a lineup of featured speakers at the Canvas kickoff. Aditi Shah, a peloton instructor, will lead a 20-minute grounding session to introduce the day by emphasizing the significance and power of our community. After the launch, it is anticipated that more than 4,000 doors will be knocked on in Upper Darby, Center City, and Northeast Philadelphia.

And there are a lot of stakes. We are currently dealing with crises that intersect, such as attacks on free and fair elections and shocking new restrictions on abortion care.

According to Indian American Impact Executive Director Neal Makilla, Pennsylvania won the election in 2016 by less than 45,000 votes. Over 100,000 South Asian American voters live in Pennsylvania alone.

The outcome of the midterm elections has an impact not only on the nation but also on the White House and the ruling party.

Due to the tie-breaking power of Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, who is serving as ex-officio Senate President, Democrats currently hold a majority.

Having control over Congress entails the ability to initiate commission investigations.

Even though he only has a slim majority in Congress, President Joe Biden has pushed through new laws regarding climate change, gun control, infrastructure investment, and child poverty in his first two years in office.

However, he would be able to prevent Democratic bills from passing through Congress if one of those chambers switched to Republicans, which would result in a deadlock.

Determines who oversees the offices of the governor, state legislature, and legislature. However, elections provide voters with the opportunity to vicariously express their opinions regarding his presidency and the country’s current direction.

It may be difficult for President Biden to win, given that the US economy is struggling, and voters are worried about crime and illegal immigration.

The outcome will have an impact on the 2024 presidential campaign, particularly on Donald Trump’s chances of winning a second term.

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