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Bangladeshi Woman Undergoing Cancer Treatment in Kolkata Dies of Dengue Fever

by HimelHimu

Bangladeshi – Kolkata: After receiving treatment for cancer at a private hospital in the city, a 58-year-old Bangladeshi woman passed away on Wednesday morning from dengue fever. Following chemotherapy, the late Cipla Biswas was discharged from the AMRI Hospital in Dhaka. However, after testing positive for dengue on October 31, she was admitted once more.

Biswas lived in the Bangladeshi town of Narail, which is in the Khulna district. She frequented Calcutta for AMRI treatment as a patient with advanced brain and spine cancer. She also reportedly had hepatitis B.

This time, she had arrived in Kolkata with her family a few days earlier and was living in the home of a relative in Sajthat, Madhyamgram. She underwent treatment, including chemotherapy, and was discharged from the hospital just a few days before being found to have dengue fever. She was scheduled to return to Bangladesh on October 30 with a high fever. Dengue fever was confirmed by a test.

When the patient was admitted, the hospital said she was already in critical condition. She died early Wednesday morning from a disease spread by vectors. Dengue hemorrhagic fever caused sepsis and multiple organ failure, according to her death certificate. A hospital source stated, “We believe it may have exacerbated the condition.”

With nearly 9,000 cases reported this year, Madhyamgram’s North 24 Parganas district is the most affected by dengue.

According to a representative of the Bangladeshi government, if a Bangladeshi citizen passes away while receiving treatment in Kolkata, it will take some time for him to return the body. After obtaining clearance from Bangladeshi authorities, permission must be obtained from the local police station. Because of this annoyance, some people would rather have their bodies cremated here,” he added.

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