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Israel’s ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu Is About to Return

by HimelHimu

Israel’s – Israeli right-wing veteran Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been prime minister for longer than anyone else, has said that defending the Jewish state from enemies is his “life mission.”

The deep-voiced security hawk is acknowledged by both his detractors and supporters as a persistent campaigner for Israel’s prime ministerial position.

In the first predictions made on Tuesday for Israel’s fifth election in less than four years, the conservative Likud party’s leader, who is 73 years old, suggested that his group might be on its way to a parliamentary majority.

Bibi, as he is known, has devoted Likud supporters who pushed for his possible return to power despite his trial on corruption charges, which he denies.

Previous Netanyahu representative and Likud part Aviv Bucsinski told AFP in front of the vote.

“He has a mission from God to save the country on his head,” he declares.

Netanyahu is the political career of his father, a historian who was involved in right-wing Zionist organizations.

When his brother Jonathan, the sole Israeli soldier killed in a 1976 surprise attack to free hostages at Uganda’s Entebbe airport, passed away, it shocked him.

Netanyahu wrote about feeling like he “would never recover” from the loss in a memoir that came out last month. I had the impression that my life had come to an end when I heard that Yoni had passed away in Entebbe.

My Hometown:

Netanyahu oversees an explosion in Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank, which is against international law, but he has never participated in substantive peace talks with the Palestinians.

Israel’s foreign policy is centered on countering Iran, Israel’s archenemy. This includes dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons program and allied groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Netanyahu, a nearby partner of previous President Donald Trump, marked memorable Washington-expedited standardization manages a few Middle Easterner nations in his last year in office.

Together with his wife Sarah, Netanyahu has two sons, and he also has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Netanyahu received his education at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was raised in part.

He frequently appeared on American television in the late 1980s and early 1990s to defend Israel and speaks English fluently.

In 1993, Netanyahu became the leader of Likud, and in 1996, at the age of 46, he became the youngest prime minister in Israel’s history by leading the party to victory. In 1999, he lost power, but he got it back ten years later.

He is concerned about his nation:

There is little doubt that Netanyahu is eager to regain power, despite his age, ongoing difficulties, and unsuccessful outcomes in previous elections.

In an autobiography he wrote after he was forced out of office in June 2021 by an unlikely rival alliance, he reflected on his accomplishments.

Netanyahu, who was a member of the elite Sayeret Matkal special forces unit in the Israeli army, wrote, “As a soldier, I fought to defend Israel on the battlefield.”

In the previous four votes, Netanyahu’s Likud and its allies were unable to secure a majority, and for the first time since 2009, Netanyahu did not run as an incumbent in Tuesday’s election.

He traveled throughout the campaign in a bus that was made of bulletproof material, and he referred to it as the “Vivivus,” drawing comparisons to the “Popemobile.”

Last month, Netanyahu gave a speech at a community theater in Likud’s house, Migdal Hemek, to a small audience. He called the short-lived government his rivals formed a “dangerous and devastating experiment.”

Secretary Rachel Cohen, 25, was in the crowd. She said that she was “100 percent” sure that Netanyahu would win and that, in contrast to his rivals, “he cares about the country.”

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