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Looking to 2024, Donald Trump Doubles Down on Voter Conspiracy Theories

by HimelHimu

Donald Trump launched Twitter and Facebook after his supporters stormed the US Capitol. In April 2022, he tried to launch his platform, Truth Social. # I’m back! COVFEFE”.

Trump, on the other hand, is now suggesting that Joe Biden run for president again in 2024 as a sign of his defeat.

In addition, he increased the number of conspiracy theory votes he had been receiving since his victory in the election in 2016 by a factor of two, and they have increased since his defeat four years later.

An AFP analysis indicates that Trump has shared approximately 100 posts on Truth Social over the past 58 days that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the US election.

This strategy was like his strategy for 2020, in which he repeatedly tweeted before the election that mail-in ballots were rife with fraud. Dutzende of trials since then have reached different outcomes.

Experts warn that this kind of false information could make it harder for Americans to vote in the first national election since the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

“When leaders tell their supporters they can’t count on an election, they believe it,” Dartmouth College political science professor Russell Muirhead told AFP. On Truth Social, Trump frequently posts, sometimes dozens of times per day.

He has criticized Biden and the Democrats criticized the ongoing investigation into him and praised his rallies and accomplishments over the past two months.

Kari Lake, who suggested that he could reject the result if he lost the bid to become governor of Arizona, and other Republicans who supported the allegations of voter fraud against him have also received praise from Trump.

Additionally, he has been more outspoken than ever with extremist content, including dozens of posts by conspiracy theorists from the QAnon group.

Though Trump only has 4.46 million followers on Truth Social, compared to 88.8 million on Twitter, experts say that the false information he spreads has spread across the internet.

“If Trump put toxins in the water, the entire lake would be ruined,” stated Muirhead, a Democrat who was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2020. –a reference to Trump’s slogans.

Both Save America, the primary political action committee, and Trump’s office did not respond to inquiries for comment.

Hundreds of pro-Trump articles, polls, and memes have received his support. Some of them come from accounts with names like “Patriotic American Alpha Source” and refer to QAnon. Biden was referred to in one of his shared posts as “#PedoHitler.”

“Trump still wields great influence in the Republican and right-wing media ecosystems, and all of his claims are amplified,” stated Rebecca Tromble, director of the Center for Data, Democracy, and Politics at George Washington University.

Last October, Trump organized an observation at a democratic drop confine Arizona to advance different posts by Song Jennings, the pioneer behind a gathering that gets thought, miscreants.

Jennings was said to be claiming a “mule” in a box near Phoenix, according to the post. It included images of voters as well as a reference to a debunked movie conspiracy theory that people were smuggling illegal ballots.

According to witness statements he provided in the lawsuit against Jennings’ group Clean Elections USA, which filed a state complaint of voter intimidation, the voter in question had dropped off.

The incident is analogous to Trump’s erroneous claim made in 2020 that Georgia election officials were discovered counting “suitcases” of fraudulent ballots in the middle of the night. State officials concluded that Trump’s retweet of a video showed the normal processing of legal ballots.

Death threats were made against Ruby Freeman, an election official, and her daughter Shay Moss. Freeman left home for two months at the FBI’s request.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, has made it clear that he intends to lift the ban on President Trump before the midterm elections.

Twitter and Facebook may feel pressured to return the megaphone to the former president if Trump announces his candidacy for the next election.

“There is no game here. When conspiracy theories like the “voting mules” are proven to be false, they cause serious harm to innocent Americans.

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