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Many Indian Americans Join the Critical Race in US State Elections

by HimelHimu

Americans – In the run-up to the crucial US midterm elections, which will determine whether Democrats or Republicans control not only the US Congress but also state legislatures, the Indian American community is developing politically. offices of governors.

Important resources have been invested by the organizations that support them and ensure that they are represented at all levels of the US government to increase voter turnout and elect leaders from their communities.

To attract Indian American voters for the midterm elections, Impact has implemented specific “Go and Vote” campaign initiatives. She went on to say that the Indian-American community is an untapped source of political power that will continue to grow in voice and action not only for the midterm elections but for years to come.

The impact has endorsed several Indian Americans running for state House and Senate positions. House Democratic Leader Sam Singh, a former Michigan congressman running for state Senate, is one of the notable candidates. Manka Dingula, a Washington State senator, and Democratic Rep. Padma Kuppa, who is also running for the Senate in Michigan. Jeremy Cooney, a re-election candidate for New York State Senator, was adopted from a Kolkata orphanage and raised by a single mother. As the first Asian-American elected from upstate New York in 2020, he made history. The first candidate for the Arizona Senate seat is a professor at the University of Arizona named Priya Sundareshan.

Om Dugal (Democrat), who was born in Delhi, is one of the Indian American candidates for the state legislature. In Ohio, Democrat Dr. Anita Somani is running for the state legislature. Arvind Venkat, a Democrat emergency room physician, is running for the Washington State Rep. Vandana Slatter’s seat in the House of Representatives.

Rishi Bagga, a Democrat, is running for representation in Florida as a lawyer and hotelier. Democratic candidate for Iowa’s 30th House district is American Indian infectious disease doctor Megan Srinivas. Rep. Ranjiv Puri of Michigan is back in the running. Kevin Orickal, an Indian American who is running for the Illinois legislature, is the former executive director of the Democratic Indian American Organization.

Kumar P. Barb, a Democrat from Maryland who is running for re-election, was the first Indian American elected to the state legislature in the United States.

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