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South Korea and the United States pledge cooperation, but North Korea launches artillery into the Sea

by HimelHimu

While defense ministers in Seoul and Washington pledged to show determination in the face of North Korea’s barrage of missile tests, South Korea reported on Friday that North Korea fired approximately 80 projectiles at its maritime border area overnight.

On Thursday, North Korea launched several missiles into the sea, one of which was an unsuccessful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). As a result, the United States and South Korea extended their aviation exercises, which has enraged North Korea.

The South Korean military claimed that North Korea had violated a 2018 inter-Korean agreement by firing more than 80 artillery shells into the sea just before midnight on Thursday.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said in a statement that it had warned North Korea about the firing.

According to a joint statement from the two promised countries, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong Seop met in Washington to look for new ways to show the alliance’s “determination and capability” in the face of North Korea’s repeated provocations. North Korea has launched a record number of missiles this year, including at least 23 ICBM launches on Wednesday and Thursday alone, which has increased tensions. The technical preparations for North Korea’s first nuclear test since 2017 have also been concluded, according to South Korea and the United States.

In the meantime, North Korea has voiced its disapproval of the military exercises conducted by the allies.

North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party secretary Park Jong-Chong said on Thursday that Washington and South Korea had made a very dangerous decision to extend the exercises, which would have thrown the situation out of control.

According to diplomatic sources, Washington has requested that the UN Security Council convene an official meeting on North Korea on Friday. Other Council members were in favor of this request: Albania, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Norway

North Korea has been prohibited from launching ballistic missiles and carrying out nuclear tests for a long time by the Security Council.

China and Russia joined a US-led move in May to impose additional UN sanctions in response to the launches of North Korean missiles, but the 15-member council has been divided on how to deal with North Korea in recent years.

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